The effects on business

Report on Businesses and Jobs at Risk from the proposed re-routing of HS2 East of Measham

The choice of the route to the East of Measham will not conserve jobs but rather will put 766 jobs at risk in 28 businesses which form part of a diverse and resilient local economy.

Summary conclusions from the MAPA HS2 Action Survey

  • This new route will affect at least 28 businesses, ranging from one or two person firms to three substantial employers employing over 100 people.
  • These 28 firms currently employ 635 people.
  • Three of the firms have already gained planning permission to expand employment opportunities for 131 more people.
  • This makes 766 existing or planned jobs at risk from re–routing HS2 to the East of Measham. This can be contrasted with the 425 jobs which were said to be at risk from the previous route.
  • These 28 firms generate annual economic activity worth £69,381,000
  • It is estimated that over 41% of this economic activity, £28,651,200, supports the local economy and is spent within 30 miles of location of the 28 firms.
  • This potential loss of local economic activity, worth £28.6m, can be contrasted with LCC’s claims that HS2 will bring £44m worth of benefits to Leicestershire
  • There will be a loss of local premises that have incubated small businesses and allowed them to grow through the policy to support the re-use of redundant farm buildings. If these buildings are demolished because of HS2, the lack of such buildings will restrict the growth of future local employment.
  • Many of these businesses, and the jobs they support, depend on their location for their business model (e.g. Forterra’s access to clay reserves or Champney Springs’ tranquil location) or are small businesses for whom re-location could well threaten viability. In these cases, mitigation and compensation do not address their concerns.

Businesses are only reported here if they are very directly affected by route – in most cases by the track going through their business premises. We would expect that more businesses will impacted by the line and its construction. We are also continuing to identify more businesses and jobs who will be affected.

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