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Villages such as Measham to become 'meat in noisy sandwich' over HS2 high speed rail link

A campaign group fighting against proposals to controversially reroute a high speed rail link around North West Leicestershire has submitted 24 pages detailing its objections. MAPA HS2 Action Group has submitted its extensive case detailing why the Secretary of State for Transport should reject the proposed re-routing of HS2 around the east of Measham and Appleby Magna.

The controversial new line will cost at least £56 billion, and will run through North West Leicestershire as it heads from Birmingham to Leeds. It had originally been planned to run the line west of the village, but the Government has now altered it to go to the east.

The group's 24-page document highlights the reasons why they claim this route has a greater effect on the communities and the environment, than the previously proposed route. This includes the possible effects on jobs, claiming that business premises could be demolished under the new route plans.

Hundreds of people turned out to officially form a group to protest against the new route of High Speed 2

The campaigners also claim people living in Appleby Magna and Measham would be "the meat in a noisy sandwich", exposed to the peaks of high volumes of noise caused by HS2 trains passing about every three minutes, from 6am to 12pm.

The group is also concerned about the effect the route will have on the River Mease Special Area of Conservation and the restoration of the Ashby Canal through Measham, claiming that boaters will be presented with a far from relaxing approach to Measham along the canal.

A copy of MAPA's set of objections can be downloaded from the MAPA HS2 Action Group website at


MAPA HS2 Action consultation submissions

The consultation deadline has now passed and the submission we made can be downloaded, see links below. Thanks to everyone who has supported us and contributed to the consultation themselves. We do not know when HS2 will respond but we will let you know as soon as we do. We are also considering ways in which we can keep our concerns at the forefront of the debates we expect will be going on behind the scenes.

Reroute Submission

Property Compensation

NWLDC reject the Measham Loop

North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC) confirmed that it is concerned about the impact of the proposed route for HS2 during a meeting of its Full Council on Thursday 17 February 2017.

The council plans to let the Government know that the impact of the revised route, which is proposed to run to the east of Measham, will have an unacceptable impact on the villages of Packington, Appleby and Measham.