If you live in Packington the following may be of concern to you:

Visual Impact on Residents of Packington

  • There is a large embankment where the track crosses Measham Rd to the SW of Packington. This varies in height but is up to 10m high with frames and masts up to 9m above the track.
  • About 120m from the village to the NW there is a crossing of the Gilwiskaw Brook (between the village and the motorway). This is a 60m wide viaduct, 8m high as part of a wider embankment.

Impact of noise on Packington

  • HS2 assessment shows a noticeable noise impact for the whole of Packington.
  • Where the route is above ground level, on embankments or viaducts, this is known to increase noise impact.

Background research on the effect of noise on children

Impact on the Conservation Area

  • Visual impact from the viaduct and noise as described above will all impact on the setting of the Conservation Area.
  • The Church, a Grade II* listed building, will be less than 300m from the line.

Impact on Community Facilities in Packington

  • Impact on the school during track construction and then noise from trains. Could affect children’s learning.
  • Loss of Normandy Wood, a community project commemorating the Normandy Landings and part of the National Forest.

Impact on access to Shops and Services

  • Access to the doctors, pharmacy, secondary school all via roads that will be disrupted by construction and possibly longer term if roads are not reinstated.
  • Champney Springs viability threatened by the route.

Impact on the Wider Environment

  • The route now comes through open countryside between Measham and Packington described in HS2 reports as “fragmenting the countryside”.
  • The track crosses the Gilwiskaw Brook close to its national environmental designation as a SSSI. Construction activity could damage this important area.
  • The track also passes through lowland meadow habitat close to the Brook.