If you live in Measham the following may be of concern to you:

The Increased impact of Noise in Measham:

  • The proposed route is close to the South and East of Measham. There will be noise from the A42 on one side of the village and HS2 on the other. HS2 maps show noise impact on properties including the High Street.
  • There is a huge embankment and viaduct stretching from close to Snarestone Lane, Appleby, past the brickworks only returning to below ground level close to Bosworth Rd. This includes a viaduct 880m long with the track around 10m above the ground and masts of up to 9m on top of that. This will increase noise impact.

Impact on Housing in Measham:

  • As HS2 was expected to go close to the A42 new housing has been concentrated on the South and East of the village. New houses have been built and others were being constructed. Building has been halted on Atherstone Rd. It is not clear whether sites with permission on Bosworth Rd and New St will go ahead.
  • Sites at risk were to include much needed affordable housing which is likely to be lost.
  • Impact on those who have bought properties recently thinking the route was fixed (it has been nearly 3 years since the close of consultation on the previous route).

Impact on Community facilities in Measham:

  • The line runs less than 50m along the whole boundary of the cemetery. This has been kept as a quiet and peaceful place where people can reflect. The noise and visual impact will change its character.
  • The line runs 300m from the RC primary school and 400m from the CofE primary school. Both are likely to be disrupted by noise.

Background research on the effect of noise on children

Impact on Regeneration and environment in Measham:

  • Measham will be trapped between the A42 and HS2 undermining its character as a rural village connected to the countryside via footpaths (including the Ivanhoe way) and minor roads.
  • The canal will need to cross HS2 before it arrives in Measham undermining tourism potential.
  • The levels of the canal and the track are too similar on the current route to allow a viable crossing.
  • Atherstone Rd, Bosworth Rd, Leicester Rd and Gallows Lane will all be crossed by HS2. At a minimum, this will cause major disruption during construction. If there are problems on the A42 this could lead to re-routing through the centre of Measham. Concern that some roads will become permanent cul de sacs.
  • 225 jobs at risk at Champney Springs and 125 at the brickworks.
  • New route comes through open countryside to the North and South of Measham on viaducts and embankments causing high visual impact. This countryside includes areas of international importance particularly the Mease Special Area of Conservation (SAC).