If you live in Austrey the following may be of concern to you:

Visual Impact on residents of Austrey

  • There will be an embankment from Newton Rd to where the track enters a cutting in Appleby Hill, track level up to 9m above existing ground level, plus masts and frames typically 8-9m high.
  • If noise mitigation is put in place this could involve high unappealing sound barriers.

Impact of noise on Austrey

  • HS2 diagrams show the whole of the village affected.
  • Where the track is above ground, this is known to increase noise impact. Effect on Community Facilities in Austrey
  • It will destroy one of only two playgrounds available to Austrey children.
  • It will eliminate the entrance to the Parish Allotments.
  • Concern about impact on the village school children through construction and on-going noise impact.

Background research on the effect of noise on children

Impact on Village Roads

  • The track will cross the roads to Newton Regis, No Man’s Heath and Appleby. Not clear how long construction disruption will last.
  • No information about how these roads will be reinstated.
  • Concern about construction traffic on small congested village roads.

Impact on the wider Environment

  • The track goes through the middle of Appleby Hill at a depth of up to 20m. It goes through the centre where the Radio mast is currently located. This is a local view point.
  • This route will also cross the historic Salt Street footpath thought to date back to Roman times and links to No Man’s Heath.