If you live in Appleby Magna or Parva the following may be of concern to you:

Impact on Appleby’s character as a rural village

  • The village is currently bounded on two sides by main roads (M42 / A42 and A444). This new route will enclose it on a 3rd side – much closer to the centre of the village.
  • HS2 will cross Snarestone Lane and 4 footpaths that head to the South & East. This will destroy the link between the village and the wider countryside and the appeal of the village as a rural location.
  • The A444 will be realigned to be 10m above the existing level and the track will be above ground close to Appleby Parva (HS2 says this will cause ‘visual impact’ for residents).

Increased noise impact on Appleby

  • The village already has noise from the M42. HS2 on the other side of the village will mean everywhere subject to noise. This is shown by HS2 provided maps.
  • The new route will be above ground all the way past Appleby Parva and past the school before going into a cutting. This will increase noise impact.
  • It will then be on an embankment before Barns Heath Farm and then a viaduct all the way to Measham, again increasing noise impact.

Impact on Appleby Conservation Area and listed buildings

  • The route runs parallel to New Rd / Top Street. It is less than 500m from the Top St boundary of the Conservation Area with its collection of listed 17th C buildings.
  • Snarestone Lane now providing a rural access from the countryside to the historic part of the village will be crossed.
  • The Sir John Moore Foundation, a Grade 1 listed building, is the closest part of Appleby to the new route (< 300m). Route above ground here – visual impact on setting of the building. Concern about effect of construction on structure of building.

Impact on the Sir John Moore school and Foundation

  • Outstanding (Ofsted rating) primary school. Noise, particularly during construction but also long term affecting learning environment.
  • Impact on future attractiveness of school to parents if HS2 route is close.
  • Community facility used for weddings and outdoor events compromised. These events plus residential and business lets vital for finances which support the school.

Background research on the effect of noise on children

Impact on Farms and Jobs in Appleby

  • Valuable Grade 2 agricultural land crossed all the way from Appleby Hill to the Mease.
  • The route goes through two farm-based business parks destroying the farms and the 14 business located there. Nearly 200 jobs directly located on these sites. Many more managed from these offices. Other smaller employers, home based businesses all contributing to local employment, local spend and a resilient local economy.

Impact on the wider environment

  • Fragmenting the open countryside as described above. Route goes through Appleby Hill, local view point and across the historic Salt Street.
  • Route goes through open countryside between Appleby and Measham on viaducts and embankments causing high visual impact. This countryside includes areas of international importance particularly the Mease Special Area of Conservation (SAC).