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Jul 25, 2017
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HS2 route changes back, MAPA wins the argument that the eastern route is unacceptable

Having carefully considered all the points made by respondents, the Secretary of State has decided to not adopt the change proposed in November 2016.

The Secretary of State has decided instead to confirm a modified version of the 2013 route, which would be moved approximately 80m to the east of the 2013 route and more closely follows the A42, a section of which would need to be realigned near Measham.

In a surprise early announcement, the Department of Transport on Monday, said “the Secretary of State has decided to not adopt the change proposed in November 2016. The Secretary of State has decided instead to confirm a modified version of the 2013 route, which would be moved approximately 80m to the east of the 2013 route and more closely follows the A42”.

It was announced in November 2016 that the government was proposing a route to the east of Measham and Appleby, which also involved coming closer to Austrey and Packington. Two very large public meetings were held in Measham where residents from all four communities expressed their opposition to HS2 in general, which brings no benefits to local people, and to the changed route. MAPA (Measham, Appleby, Packington & Austrey) HS2 Action group was formed to oppose the proposed route, supported by all the Parish Councils. Further research by the group identified the damaging effects of the proposed route on the local economy, the environment public amenities and population and communities. A lively Facebook and Twitter page and an email list kept people informed and events were held to help people to respond to the consultation which closed in early March. The results of this have just been published which shows that 588 respondents opposed the new proposed route and 50 supported it.

The result is a testament to the strength of feeling and the important issues raised in the case. It is welcomed by many people but there is also recognition that all the communities will still be affected by HS2 which most believe is a white elephant.

Sonia Liff, Chair of MAPA HS2 Action said:

We are pleased that the threat of the damage that would have been done by this re-route has been lifted. This included a direct impact on 36 businesses and 680 employees, increased noise and visual impact, fragmenting the countryside and affecting the sense of place of rural villages by trapping them between the motorway and HS2, involving a longer crossing of the Mease Special Area of Conservation, affecting the setting of two Conservation Areas and the listed Grade 1 Sir John Moore Foundation building and the Church in Packington, noise and dust impact on 5 primary schools in all 4 communities, running alongside the Measham cemetery, disrupting the canal crossing and affecting many houses. However, we know that that the route now chosen will still come close to Austrey, Packington and those on the west of Measham, and that the construction and operation of HS2 will affect all our villages adversely in the future. We are also aware of the detrimental impact on so many residents and businesses on both sides of the villages who thought they knew what was happening for 3 years and then faced uncertainty and now another changed decision.

MAPAHS2 Action will be in touch with supporters about the way forward and what we should do next.


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Jan 5, 2017
Category: Press Releases

Packed meeting launches MAPA HS2 Action

Initially, 110 people crowded into a room meant for 50 to set about the daunting task of how to object to the new ‘East’ HS2 route around Appleby Magna and Measham, which, it has now been suggested, is the best local route for the High Speed HS2. Many people from these two villages were there, including the Chairpersons of the two Parish Councils. Also present were the Chairpersons of Austrey and Packington Parish Councils, since this new proposed route will have a greater impact on these two villages than the route previously suggested.


Dec 10, 2016
Category: Press Releases

Nursery fields – a ghost estate according to HS2

When people living on the new Nursery Fields housing development off Atherstone Road in Measham first heard rumours that the HS2 line was to be re-routed to run just past their new housing estate, they were flabbergasted. They became even angrier when they were finally able to phone the HS2 help line, only to be told that the house they were phoning from did not exist.


Dec 6, 2016
Category: Press Releases

Opposition to the revised HS2 route around Measham is growing

Organisers of the public meeting to discuss the new revised route for HS2 have been busy distributing 2,000 leaflets advertising the meeting in the villages along the revised route: Austrey, Appleby Magna, Measham and Packington. The meeting will take place in St Laurence Church Hall, Measham on Tuesday 13th December 2016 at 7.30, which has been called to discuss whether a group which wants to object to the new ‘Eastern’ route should be formed.


Nov 28, 2016
Category: Press Releases

Public meeting to discuss how to respond to the revised HS2b route in the Measham area

A public meeting has been organised to discuss how to respond to the recent revisions made to the proposed high speed train route HS2b in the Measham area of Leicestershire.

The meeting is to be held from 7.30 on Tuesday the 13th December in St Laurence’s Church Hall, High Street, Measham.