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MAPA HS2 ACTION Special AGM - minutes

Meeting Minutes October 18, 2017

I. Attendees

Sonia Liff (Chair), Michelle Watts (Treasurer), Paul Cooper, Steve Leary, Gerald Potts, John Morrison, Gary Potts, Paul Hemmerdinger (Appleby Magna Parish Council, Terry Hammond (Packington Action Group), Colin Manifold (Measham Parish Council), Elaine Spare, Alan Barker, Joy Higgs, Adrian Page, Sean Sheahan, Brenda & Michael Bate.

II. Apologies

Phil Owen, Chris Miles, Richard Jones, Emma Hines.

III. Brief summary of activity

There was a brief summary of activity undertaken by MAPA since the submission of the organisation's report and the subsequent route decision. This was combined with general updates on developments surrounding the route and associated services which included:

  • Ongoing dialogue with District and County Councils
  • Social media updates and continued use of Twitter for discussion items and latest developments
  • Government announcement, cancelling electrification of the Midlands Main Line and its knock on effects for economic development

IV. Financial summary

The overview of the financial accounts was summarised, with a brief overview on expenses and moneys raised.

• In total there was a total of £703 raised

• Expenses of £659 have been incurred including print costs and venue hire •

It was noted that additional costs had been incurred by committee members but not claimed for

• The balance remaining £44.00.

V. General discussion on the situation as it stands

Various topics were raised and discussed, in relation to the route decision, MAPA and it's future.

• The route announcement came as a surprise without prior warning to local councils and groups

• It was noted that HS2 had commented on the high quality of the MAPA submission

• The committee acknowledged the change in route, although generally welcomed, raised new concerns about the residents effected on the Western side

• It was noted from the Chair that there were still to be significant impacts

• Packington representatives noted that the route change didn't alter the outcome for them

• The effects on the housing developments and subsequent benefits that had been associated with these in the form of Section 106 payments to the benefit of the Measham Canal and Leisure Centre

• It was noted that Measham would still need an additional 450 houses to be built

• Compensation issues were discussed and how best these can be addressed

• The issue of community compensation was raised, with particular note made of the "flipping" of the route and the increased worry and stress this has caused along with financial loss

• The next stage of consultations was discussed, primarily the Environmental Consultation and the opportunities to make submissions

• The general view was expressed that questioned whether MAPA was the right organisation to pursue local compensation and environmental consultations. With Austrey being outside of NWL and particular difficulties in Packington and Measham it was felt that local groups would be more effective

• It was noted that at least 30 houses would be demolished in Measham with a mix of residents from social housing, aged residents etc

• It was felt that a "duty of care" was required from HS2 in regard to the distress caused

• Alternative routes were discussed, but the general view was that any further changes now would be highly unlikely

• It was acknowledged that some people felt the "third" route should have been proposed. This was debated extensively by the committee before the submission with strong views on both sides. The decision was for MAPA to stick to opposing the re-route without suggesting an alternative. The general consensus was that MAPA wouldn't have been able to influence HS2 in this matter

• It was felt additional lobbying could be undertaken to the District and County Council as their primary reasons for supporting HS2 in general had been removed, with the cancelation of the Midland Line electrification

• Additional campaigns were also discussed including the recent petition against HS2 raised on the parliamentary website

• It was noted that the build cost for HS2 would be around £55.7 billion but this didn't take into account the ongoing debt The summary to all these discussions centred on whether MAPA had an ongoing role to play.

VI. A motion was proposed on the future of MAPA, to dissolve the organisation and distribute remaining funds

The motion to dissolve MAPA HS2 Action was unanimously carried It was agreed to donate the outstanding monies to the national STOPHS2 campaign

It was agreed that the MAPA bank account should be closed

There were thanks expressed from the floor to the committee members for all their hard work and dedication to the process.

Steve Leary made note that there was to be a specific group set up to represent the interests of Measham and welcomed anyone to join or receive further information.

The meeting was closed at 8:45pm


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MAPA HS2 ACTION Special AGM - minutes

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