Minutes of meetings

Public Meeting - Wednesday 4th January 2017


Measham Leisure Centre, Measham. 1900hrs, Wednesday 4th January 2017


Room full to capacity – standing room only (110 people)

Opening Address

Housekeeping information given along with instructions that the group could move to the bigger room at 19.30.

Current representatives of various interested groups including local experts in attendance and volunteers were introduced.

Sonia introduced as the Appleby Environment representative and asked attendees if they were happy for her to Chair the meeting until a constitution and chair adopted.  This was accepted.

The Chair then presented the reasons, objectives and expected output from the meeting, which was called by MAPA to take forward the action from the first meeting to set up the organisation. These included;

  1. 9th March deadline for submissions to consultations
  2. Group needs to be formalised & constitution agreed
  3. Need to pull evidence together for submissions
  4. 18th HS2 Public Meeting – 12-8pm Best Western Appleby 
  5. 19th Appleby Magna Parish Council Public meeting at St John Moore – with HS2 and local MP & Council representatives in attendance
  6. 6th January Packington Parish Council HS2 Objection Meeting

Minutes taken at the public meeting (13th December 2016) were read out and attendees who had been at the meeting were asked whether this was a correct record. Questions and statements from the floor:

It was stated that the MP had suggested other dates – Chair agreed that MP had sent apologies and confirmed that these had been read out at the meeting and would be included in the meeting minutes.

Packington PC representative stated that meeting on 6th was arranged before Christmas due to room availability. They fully support MAPA and stated this meeting was to discuss specific Packington issues. A MAPA representative was requested.

Also stated PC had still not received any maps from HS2.

Comments & concerns from attendees;

  • Around planning consents for old west route. NW Council representative stated that HS2 route could not be treated as a permitted route at the time.
  • Need to investigate judicial review of planning permissions & stated that it is also important to investigate any technical issues.
  • Whole concept of line 2b but must add emphasis on lack of perceived value of route full stop
  • Group remit to challenge on real benefits of route full stop to ensure village is not divided between routes
  • A number of arguments can be made – must get group established and running then create a list of issues for investigation & research

Chair agreed that all topics can be included and reminded attendees that meeting primary focus to agree the set-up of MAPA

Group Formation

Chair stated various ways to create a formal group and listed the areas that needed to be covered.  She proposed that the group adopted a constitution based on the model provided by Voluntary Action Leicestershire.  This includes;

  1. Purpose of the Group & powers
  2. Membership Criteria
  3. Finances
  4. Management / committee
  5. Meeting arrangements

Chair put the name – MAPA (Measham, Appleby, Packington & Austrey) to the group for discussion and reported detailed concerns that Austrey was already part of the Polesworth Action Group

Questions and statements from the floor:

  1.  Polesworth AG member who lives in Austrey in attendance and stated he was happy with the proposed group name.

All attendees agreed to use MAPA (Measham, Appleby, Packington & Austrey) HS2 Action Group.

Chair detailed the core activities of MAPA

  1. Collect information & research
  2. Investigate & challenge HS2 route
  3. Respond to Compensation Consultation
  4. Coordinate a responses to the HS2 Consultation
  5. Encourage and support individual consultation responses
  6. Maintain Press interest & coverage
  7. Respond to the HS2 consultation as a group
  8. Hold the decision makers and stakeholders to account

Questions and statements from the floor:

  1. Maps are available in Measham & Ashby libraries
  2. Opposition to HS2 as a whole should be added to activities
  3. Sending in a big document on ‘stop the train’ won’t do it – chances are we might be able to move the line. What we need to do is talk to the District, County Council and local MP to get these people to support MAPA
  4. Less chance of winning if MAPA opposed to HS2 as a whole
  5. Window of opportunity to challenge perceived cost effectiveness of 2b
  6. Is aim of group to push it over and not have it at all. If we don’t like that will HS2 move it back or push it to another route.
  7. When is decision made?
  8. If our consultation response does not work the next stage will be to raise a petition

Chair responded that March 9th is the end of the consultation. No date has been given for when HS2 will respond. How long they take is unknown, bridge design for Appleby & Measham not available until 2019

Chair proposed that the primary purpose of the group is to oppose 2b route through local area – all agreed

MAPA Membership

Chair detailed possible membership rules;

  1. Anyone who completes a registration form is a member
  2. Any member of 16 yrs or older who supports the aim of the group may vote
  3. The Management Committee shall comprise of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, 4 voting members for the four villages represented.  This Committee can co-opt others to handle specific tasks.
  4. Any exclusions will be decided by the management committee.
  5. The management committee (Treasurer ) will administer funds & accounts
  6. AGM will be held a year from the date of the first meeting
  7. A number of Working Parties to support the group should be formed.

Steve proposed that a number of working parties should be formed that could independently coordinate activities.

Chair stated one central committee would be better to co-ordinate activities.

All agreed the constitution & this will be available from the new website – www.mapahs2action.org.uk


MAPA Management Committee

Chair then asked for Management Committee volunteers and the following was agreed;

Chair: Sonia Liff

Secretary: Emma

Measham Parish Representative: Michael Williams

Appleby Parish Representative: Peter Smith,

Packington Parish Representative: Chris Miles

Austrey Parish Representative: Brian Grix

Treasurer: Michelle Watts

HS2 Public Information Event 

The Chair then discussed the HS2 run event that will be held at Best Western Appleby Park Hotel, Atherstone Road, Appleby Magna DE12 7AP on Wednesday 18th January 12pm – 8pm.

The Chair stated that MAPA members need to attend and ask difficult questions and asked how this should be handled.

Questions and statements from the floor:

  1. For those attending it was asked if MAPA could provide a list of suitable questions
  2. No bus service runs to the hotel
  3. It’s not in Measham
  4. Seen as a deliberate way to stop people attending.
  5. Notices in local shops possible?
  6. Have HS2 written to everyone about the 18th?
  7. Put all the questions on the MAPA website
  8. Specify a time for a majority to attend
  9. Set up a matching service for members to travel together
  10. Boards, placards, media?
  11. Can a Leaflet be designed to send by email to MAPA members to help campaign neighbours and other parties to join and attend the event

Chair advised that HS2 had stated that it was the biggest venue HS2 could find close to the area.

Chair proposed the following actions that were agreed by all;

  1. MAPA Website – www.mapahs2action.org.uk – would have a form created for members to submit questions e.g. what is the design of the viaduct, why was this route chosen, why isn’t there any green tunnels etc
  2. Banner to be created for meetings
  3. Printable PDF Leaflet to be created to publicise event & emailed to MAPA Members
  4. Write letter of complaint to HS2 about the locality of the public event
  5. Write letter of complaint to HS2 regarding the ‘ghost estate’ of Nursery Fields
  6. Investigate rota of people to hand out leaflets at the event during the 12-8pm period
  7. People who do want to visit to ask questions to go before 7pm
  8. 7pm MAPA members to attend together for last hour of event to demonstrate extent of concern.

Appleby Magna Parish Council HS2 Meeting

Chair updated members on the second event on the 19th January 7pm in the main hall of the St John Moore Foundation. This has been set up by Appleby PC and representatives from HS2, District & County Council and our local MP have been invited to attend.   

Chair proposed the following actions that were agreed by all;

  1. Investigate option of MAPA having a stall/table at the event

Working Parties

Chair asked for areas of importance and volunteers to create working parties;

7 Working Parties agreed

1. Environmental Impact Working Party 

- Jane Manning

- Erica Levy

Jane asked for farming community to help determine impacts and loss of farmland/crop production etc

NFU Meeting highlighted

1b. sub group to assist Jane for Noise & vibration

- Steve

Will cover track, embankments, ground waves, maintenance issues etc

2. Sense of Place WP

- Sonia

Sandwich of settlements and impacts on sense of place & community impact

3. Business & Jobs

- Steve

Impact on number of business & jobs, cost benefit analysis, SME impact & vulnerability, sterilisation of resources etc

4. House Impacts & Effects on residents

- no volunteer : Suggested Parish Reps

Number of effected houses and banding locations

5. Historic, Cultural & Social Facilities

- no volunteers

Schools, cemetery, other sites? Conservation areas, listed buildings & national designations etc

6. Construction Phase Impacts

- no volunteers tbc

Where is the new Gallows Lane? East traffic impacts? What are the infrastructure impacts?

7. Compensation

Simon Glover (we did not get any contact details from Simon)

Schemes such as ‘need to sell’ and ineffective efforts of agents etc

On finalising the group structure, purpose & working party groups due to time constraints the Chair proposed those volunteers remain to collate contact details and the formal meeting close.

The structure, purpose and working parties were unanimously accepted by all those attending.

Thanks expressed

Meeting closed approximately 0845hrs


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