Minutes of meetings

Public Meeting - Tuesday 13th December 2016


St. Laurence Church Hall, Measham 1930hrs, Tuesday 13th December 2016


Church full to capacity – standing room only (350-400).

Opening Address:

Housekeeping information given.

Meeting called by popular demand by residents.

Current representatives of various interested groups and local political groups including local experts in attendance and were introduced.

Subject to those attending this meeting and agreeing to formerly set-up an Action Group a further meeting has been provisionally booked for Wednesday 4th January 2017 (1930hrs) – venue to be confirmed.

Overhead Presentation:

A presentation was given and covered the following issues:

  1. Starting Point – Stage 1
  2. Timescale
  3. History of preferred route
  4. Consultation – current status
  5. Notification of route – overview
  6. Changes affecting Measham and surrounding villages, townships and countryside.

It was requested that even if the meeting failed to adopt an Action Group that all residents affected by the change in the route participate in the consultation detail set up by HS2 Ltd.

Government looking for constructive responses involving effect on neighbourhoods, noise, environment, financial stress, schools and listed buildings, job losses etc.

If an Action Group was agreed they would be tasked to:

  1. Confirm a constitution and rules including financial controls
  2. Collate all relevant information
  3. Coordinate a professional response
  4. Ensure our voice is heard – centrally, locally, media wise and nationally
  5. Associate with other interested parties and groups
  6. Ensure a committee of locally elected representatives are also agreed and appointed to cover all affected geographical areas.

Speakers from the presentation group also covered:

  1. Impact on local businesses
  2. Estimated 500 job losses
  3. Cemetery concerns – emotional and personal
  4. Estates/individuals not notified or even being recognised by HS2 Ltd on initial contact
  5. The effect on Sir John Moore School – Grade 1 listed  building, massive pupil and local disruption (noise etc), no prior consultation
  6.  Blight on villages, individual homes
  7. Lack of any prior information, consultations or meetings to discuss major changes with any Parish or Town Councils
  8. Criminal waste of money
  9. Pressure must be placed on elected representatives
  10. Crossing designated SSSI’s
  11. Local amenities being destroyed – sports areas and buildings
  12. Trains running every 3 mins
  13. Strong possibility of night-time freight running 7 days a week
  14. Lack of understanding by HS2 Ltd of local topography and groundwork’s
  15. Original concept not now being adhered to by HS2 Ltd or the government
  16. Capacity argument not supported or proven
  17. Lack of any benefit locally
  18. Route changed due to cost.

Questions and statements from the floor:

  1. Local MP’s non-attendance a disgrace no matter what previous engagements had been arranged - a response from the MP was received and read out to the group (see end of minutes for a copy of the message.)
  2. Noise levels – no meaningful information or detail regarding high speed trains
  3. Using devious means to divide and conquer locals via past payments and promises
  4. Timing of trains not believed or confirmed
  5. Massive local freight depot  adds to suspicion of train/track movements
  6. Importance to coordinate all groups interested
  7. Farmland disappearing and related losses to crops, environment etc

Chairs Proposal

On finishing floor questions due to time constraints the Chair proposed the formal adoption of an Action Group and asked for a show of hands.

The proposal was formally and unanimously accepted by all those attending.

Thanks expressed

Meeting closed approximately 0920hrs



From: BRIDGEN, Andrew <andrew.bridgen.mp@parliament.uk>

Date: 12 December 2016 at 12:20

Subject: RE: Measham HS2 Action 3rd Press Release

To: Steve Leary <steve46leary@googlemail.com>

Dear Steve,

Thank you for this. Unfortunately Andrew is unable to attend on Tuesday as he is needed in Parliament. He has seen a constituent about his issue and we are contacting David Wilson Homes and HS2 Ltd about communication issues. He would like it made clear that the original route did not affect AB Produce as some in the media have been reporting.

Kind Regards,

Andrew W

From: Steve Leary [mailto:steve46leary@googlemail.com]

Sent: 11 December 2016 08:38

To: BRIDGEN, Andrew <andrew.bridgen.mp@parliament.uk>; Andrew Woodman <woody662@hotmail.com>

Subject: Measham HS2 Action 3rd Press Release

Dear Andrew and Andrew,

I'm sending you, for information purposes, a copy of our 3rd press release (attached) " Nursery Fields-A Ghost Estate according to HS2", which demonstrates more incompetence on behalf of HS2 Ltd, which affects the rights of some of your constituents to engage with the latest round of consultations initiates by HS2 Ltd on the re-routing of the line to the East of Measham.  

You can find out more about Measham HS2 Action by following us either on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/MeashamHS2Action/or Twitter @ https://twitter.com/MeashamHS2Actio

Best wishes,

Steve Leary for Measham HS2 Action

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