A group run by volunteers, for all those concerned with the impact of HS2 on Measham, Appleby Magna, Packington and Austrey

HS2 Route announcement

In a surprise early announcement from the Government on Monday (17/7/2017) they said

Having carefully considered all the points made by respondents, the Secretary of State has decided to not adopt the change proposed in November 2016. The Secretary of State has decided instead to confirm a modified version of the 2013 route, which would be moved approximately 80m to the east of the 2013 route and more closely follows the A42, a section of which would need to be realigned near Measham.

Full details and associated documents can be found here.

MAPA HS2 Action consultation submissions


The consultation deadline has now passed and the submission we made can be downloaded, see links below. Thanks to everyone who has supported us and contributed to the consultation themselves. We do not know when HS2 will respond but we will let you know as soon as we do. We are also considering ways in which we can keep our concerns at the forefront of the debates we expect will be going on behind the scenes.

Reroute Submission

Property Compensation

Aims of the Group

  • Make a coordinated response across the villages
  • Encourage and support individual responses to the consultation
  • To collect information and reasearch the case
  • Maintain press interest and coverage
  • To ensure all decision makers and stakeholders are accountable

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How will you be affected?


Measham Route

  • Housing Estates off Leicester Rd, Bosworth Rd and Atherstone Rd all within 500m.
  • 880m long, 11m high viaduct over the River Mease
  • Disruption to Measham Cementery
  • Businesses disrupted with the loss of up to 500 jobs

Appleby Magna

Measham Route

  • Grade I listed 17C school within 300m
  • Over half the village within 800m
  • Track 3m above ground level, raising A444 on a bridge 10m above existing ground level
  • Two farms demolished housing numerous small businesses


Measham Route

  • Over two thirds of the village within 500m
  • Track on a 10m embankment (plus overhead power lines)
  • Local businesses affected, up to 300 jobs at stake


Measham Route

  • Over half the village within 600m
  • 20-30m deep cutting through Appleby Hill
  • Historic Salt Street bisected

What can I do?

Simple ways to help

What have you done today? You can do something to help oppose the HS2 route – there are lots of ways you can make a difference.

Find out what you can do here.

Consultation information

We have gathered a range of information and tools that will help you find out more, from detailed plans to consultation submissions.

Information toolbox.